April 9, 2009

23.5: Blogging is an art

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:21 pm by raymondchang

Ok, so I just buzzed through my friend Jeannie’s blog and I will have to comment that BLOGGING IS A FRICKIN’ ART. I don’t know what it is about good bloggers, but one look at a good blog, you find that yours pales in comparison. I was enamored by her wit and charm for pages upon pages as she expressed her love for Jay-Z, comfortable Pajamas, yarn colors, and Moby. When I returned to write this, I felt like a fumigated weed trying to survive through a storm of herbicide. Snorrrrrrrrre…

So, I’ve been in my site for about 2 weeks straight without leaving to take a day trip and I’ve hit the time where the world seems to be shrinking in and collapsing onto me. I literally have jungle fever – but substitute jungle for banana.

Before I left Chicago, I downloaded a whole bunch of movies and TV shows, courtesy of my friend Daniel’s roommate, John. I actually just uploaded them onto my computer from data CD’s he’s compiled and it was great. I downloaded a bunch of Curb Your Enthusiasms – seasons 1 – 5 – and the more I watch the show, the more addicted I get, and the more I find myself acting like Larry David (NOT a good thing). I’d not want to know the guy because of his crass inappropriateness, but watching him struggle to get out of uncomfortable situations only to find him in deeper and more awkward situations is pretty funny. I frickin’ love that show.

But I must say, I am an addict. I am an addict to running. I still hate it with all my guts, but I enjoy the feeling I get after I run. Two days ago, I ran for 32 minutes straights. I’ve NEVER done that ever before in my life. And since I run about the same time everyday, the political representative generally drives by as I am running and with his entourage, they stick their hands and heads out the window and holler at me while flicking their wrists like I am doing something incredible. Needless to say, it gives me a slight boost of energy to go a few more minutes than I usually would. For some reason though, my ankles and calves hurt more than anything. I don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to shake the pain. I stretch, and do all sorts of different things, but yea, can’t shake it. Got any suggestions?

Ok, time for me to get on to some work. Teaching kids how to be better people today and tutoring a girl in English before she heads off to college in Veraguas. Yea~

One life. Running to make it count.

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  1. wadsie said,

    ray! hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. for your calves you should take aleve and put them in ice water (or rub whole ice cubes on them like an ice massage). i’m impressed you are such a running adict!

  2. bosulie said,

    I love John Piper.

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