about ME

Name:  Raymond Chang – aka. Ray
Indigenous Name:  Cibolo (see-bo-low)
Sex:  Male
Birthdate:  05/29
Age:  25
Marital Status: Single
Religion:  Christian – Protestant – Evangelical
Ethnicity:  Korean
Blood Type:  B Positive

I started this Blog as an extension of the thoughts that I have during my experience with the Peace Corps,  which leads me to say that what I write does not represent the attitudes and beliefs of the Peace Corps, US government, or any other entity you can think of, and everything that I write is just what goes in my brain through my fingers onto the keyboard – not always in that order.

On August 11, 2008 I left for Miami from LA to begin my service for a 27 uncertain, but exciting months with the Peace Corps in Panama.  These words are just a part of the internal and external experiences that I go through.

Keep up with my adventures as I will try and write at least 104 (there are 104 weeks in 2 years) entertaining entries that I guarantee will make you laugh so hard that you pee your pants, cry so hard that you want to hug someone and feel so sorry for me that you will send me lots of good stuff in the mail.

Enjoy, leave lots of comments (it keeps me motivated to write), and I will see you on the flip!

One life, making it count.


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